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My Holistic Services

I’m a certified Reiki Healer and Crystal Therapist dedicated to helping my clients sleep well, release stress and heal on all levels. I regard each patient as a whole, and believe in supporting the body’s own healing processes.

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​Deeply relaxing and restorative, Reiki supports the body's natural healing processes, releasing stress and boosting the immune system. Relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling of being bathed in Reiki energy; a fantastic way to soothe away your stress and get a great nights sleep.

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Crystal Therapy

​Balancing and healing, Crystal Therapy releases stagnant energy within the body's Energy System and Chakras, bringing you back into harmony. A beautiful way to encourage your energy to flow and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Crystal Reiki

​Combining Reiki and Crystal Therapy this special treatment includes a guided meditation to begin, followed by the use of beautiful crystals chosen specifically for you, to balance and align the body's energy system, while you enjoy your Reiki treatment.

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Treatment Options

Reiki £25

Crystal Therapy £25

Crystal Reiki
45mins £25

Live Transmission (Distance) Treatments
45-60mins £25
15mins £10


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    Services offered are intended to complement traditional medical & psychological care, not to replace it. No service offered by JKWellbeing is intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical or psychological condition.