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I first heard of Reiki from a friend who was planning to do her training, and I don’t mind admitting that I thought it sounded a bit strange. Up to that point I had never really thought that energy healing was real.
Several years later, when I was trying to overcome my PCOS (polycyctic ovary syndrome) in order to become pregnant I came across Reiki again. I was seeing a Reflexologist (as well as some other therapists) who was also a Reiki Master. Jan clearly knew what she was talking about, and I trusted her, so I had some reiki from her too.

​​It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I’d felt energy in my hands and arms doing tai chi and qi gong, and I’d done meditation and deep relaxation, but this was completely different. Profound peace is how I would describe it. I could feel the energy just washing over me, and it allowed me to just totally let go as if I was drifting on a cloud without a care in the world.
Relaxing surrounded by Reiki energy is a most wonderful feeling. It’s as though it brings you back to your centre, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

It’s impossible to say which combination of the therapies I used allowed me to become pregnant. What I do know is that my situation was very stressful and Reiki helped me to cope with it. It brought me back into perspective, helped the anxiety fall away, released the tension.

When you’re receiving Reiki, it’s like taking a short holiday away from your stresses – it is very hard to stay feeling stressed with Reiki washing over you. When you can take a break from a difficult situation it gives you a chance to re-group and gather your strength, ready to go back out and face the world again. 

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