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As well as feeling wonderful while you are receiving your treatment the effects of Reiki last for some time afterwards meaning that you are likely to feel great for the rest of the day, and may even sleep better for two or three nights.
To help maximize the benefits of your treatments it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water over the 2-3 days following your visit as Reiki encourages your body to let go of toxins. It’s also a great idea to make time for some extra rest if possible as the cleansing and healing process can sometimes make you feel a bit tired. 

​​Sometimes you can feel more emotional than usual or have some mild flu-like symptoms (maybe a runny nose or some mild aches), and although it can be a bit uncomfortable for a day or two, it’s good news because it means energy is shifting and you are healing. It’s important to allow these symptoms to work their way out before having any more Reiki so that you move forward at a comfortable pace.
I recommend that you keep your treatments at least a week apart, 10-14 days is fine, to allow the Reiki to work its magic before coming back for another session.
If you have any questions following your treatment you are welcome to email or message me at anytime.

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