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The feeling of relaxation when you are receiving a Reiki treatment is wonderful, and there’s actually quite a lot going on in your body.

As Reiki effortlessly takes you from stressed to relaxed, your body is busy switching control from one branch of the nervous system to another.
When this change over occurs:

1. Stress hormones are switched off: cortisol and adrenaline are released when we are stressed caused by the body being controlled by the ‘Fight or Flight’ branch of the nervous system. When the fight or flight system is switched off so are the stress hormones making you feel calmer and more relaxed. 

2. Blood flow is redirected: as you relax, blood flow starts to come back to the digestive system helping you to digest your food properly and absorb nutrients more thoroughly. This is why your tummy often starts to rumble when you’re on the Reiki couch, it may be noisy, but it’s a good thing.

3. Repair work begins: when the ‘Rest and Repair’ branch of the nervous system is put in charge your body does just that. Healing can start to take place. 

4. Muscles are relaxed: Holding tension in your muscles can lead to poor blood flow, joints that are under strain and hard lumpy muscles which can be painful. As the tension starts to release, proper blood flow is encouraged and toxins can be washed out of the muscles. Your fingers and feet, or even your legs and arms may twitch. It may feel strange, but it’s just left over tension from the days activities being released. 

5. Breathing deepens: as you breath more deeply you start to bring in more oxygen and clear more carbon dioxide (one of the body’s biggest waste products). This gives a boost to all of the cells in your body helping them to operate more efficiently. It also calms the mind helping you to think more clearly.

6. The immune system jumps into action: the immune system is supressed by stress hormones, that’s why we seem to get ill more often when we are going through a stressful time. When these hormones are switched off it can begin to work properly again and fight off any invaders.

There’s really no wonder you feel refreshed after a treatment. 

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