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I think drinking enough water is fundamental to having enough energy, and it’s about doing better than you did before, rather than being perfect.

Drinking water first thing in the morning makes a difference to me, sometimes 500ml, sometimes a litre. I’m sure it has stopped me being so hungry first thing, I don’t need to rush for breakfast anymore and I feel better throughout the day.

Perhaps I was always thirsty rather than hungry then! 

In the book “Your body’s many cry’s for water” Dr Batmanghelidj says that we often confuse the message of thirst with hunger and eat when we should be drinking. My hunger in the morning often disappears when I drink water instead.

If I feel a slump or a bit of a headache coming on in the afternoon, I always go for the water first as most often that does the trick.

If we want our energy to flow, the fluid parts of our bodies need to flow too, and that becomes much harder if we are dehydrated. So have a big slug of water, and wash away the tiredness with the toxins.

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