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What is Crystal Therapy?

People have used crystals since ancient times to support them and bring various qualities into their lives. Priests and Priestesses in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylonia, Greece and Rome wore crystals as healing and protective amulets, and used them in their ceremonies.

Crystal Therapy today works mainly on the Chakras and the Human Energy Field which surrounds the body. There are seven main chakras within the body positioned along the spine from its base up to the crown of the head. The chakras have the colours of the rainbow associated with them, Red at the base of the spine, violet at the crown. Crystals of a similar colour to that of a particular chakra will help to clear it and bring its energy flow back into balance.

Maintaining a free flow of energy through the chakras and the energy field keeps us healthy.

Crystals have a very stable and precise structure to their atoms. This keeps the atoms moving at very specific speeds for each type of crystal – they have a certain vibration. This allows them to act like a tuning fork when brought within our energy field, causing the chakras and energy field to ‘vibrate’ in tune with them and releasing any stuck energy.

Crystals can also hold and channel energy (particularly clear quartz crystals), and so can bring more energy into our energy field to support healing.


The benefits of Crystal Therapy are varied and specific to the individual, but can include any of the following:

  1. Supporting the natural healing processes of the body
  2. Bringing emotional blockages to the surface so that they can be released
  3. Clearing and balancing the chakras and harmonising the body’s energy field
  4. Grounding your energy so that you feel more present in your body
  5. Feelings of calm and deep relaxation
  6. Boosting energy levels
  7. Pain management
  8. Mood enhancement
  9. Stress relief

What to Expect

​Crystal therapy is carried out fully clothed (shoes removed) with the client lying on the treatment couch. Usually you will be given crystals to hold in your hands throughout the session. We begin with a  meditation to help ground and relax you. One or more treatments will be chosen specific to your needs, and you simply relax while the crystals do their work. Crystals may be laid on or around your body, or I may be working in your energy field while holding crystals myself.


After your treatment you may feel energised or deeply relaxed. Please take a few minutes to ensure that you have come around completely and are safe to go about your daily activities, especially driving.

If possible try to rest more than usual during the day as the healing continues after your treatment and may make you feel sleepy. Please ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day and for the next couple of days.